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... reminds me of a sculptor with clay.... your hands just flow. I've had massage before, but this was just incredible. It's, I don't know, it's so hard to describe!

~ J. Hammond, Pulaski, NY

It literally felt like I was getting taller and longer, like my feet would fall of the end of the table. The vibrations and strokes coalesced into one, flowing movement.

~ M Byrne-Maisto, Syracuse, NY

People ask me why I wait until I am in Syracuse for a massage and I tell them "because he is simply that good!"

~ PJ Sparks, Massage therapist and owner of Hands 4 Health, Saratoga Springs, NY

I love the alternating left and right swedish pulling strokes while the waves in the table swelled. It is such a cohesive sound/touch experience!

~ V. Marchand, Tully, NY

The sound was incredible. I knew that I you were touching me, but my mind was "somewhere else." It was just like that! (pointing to the picture titled "Dreams" hanging in Dave's office).

~ T Marshal, Syracuse, NY

The spring and summer of 2004 was expected to be a physically and emotionally demanding time for me. Dave's attention to a rotator cuff injury in conjunction with physical therapy has increased my range of motion to almost normal. More amazing is the emotional effect Dave's therapy has given me. During an intense time of stress, my work with Dave has enabled me to take a soothing break, empty my mind, heal my soul and strengthen my resolve and ability to face yet another day.

~ D. Mako, Syracuse, NY

You settle right into the body and energy field, and work with both so harmoniously together. In terms of the body, you are very intuitive and sensitive... A massage with you is like having body and energy needs addressed from head to toe...

~ V. Perdue, Clinical Psychologist, Binghamton, NY

... you resonate safety, confidence... tenderness and strength."

~ Yvette Bulger, Owner, Inner Space Yoga Center, Binghamton, NY

I have had massage but this was the best--felt myself drop off several times and that does not always happen.

~ F. LoPipero, Syosset, NY

I have been seeing David for almost a year now and through his Acoustic Massage therapy... I have gained a new well being as a person and have a calmer, brighter outlook on life itself. The acoustic massages with music in the background and the feeling of the musical vibrations in the massage table itself has been a wonderful, new experience for me. David is a master in the art of Acoustic Therapeutic Massage... his training, experience, and deliverances goes beyond spa massages. David's heart and soul goes into every motion he delivers to his client.

~ S. Aloi, Liverpool, NY

In addition to providing a relaxing and enjoyable massage experience, Dave has a special talent in treating acute and chronic injuries. His use of sound enhances the effectiveness and value of each session, and offers a noticeable improvement in quality of life.

~ M. Marko, Syracuse, NY

Just what the doctor ordered!

~ E Schnettler, Camillus, NY

The sounds of the table can really put you out!

~ B Timmons, Syracuse, NY

WOW--that's a total experience! ...talk about drifting.

~ L Aloi, Baldwinsville, NY

February 2, 2006

In October 2005 I was involved in a head-on collision that deployed both front air bags.  From the impact, I experienced whiplash and had crushed my left hand between my chest and the steering wheel.

Following the accident I was taken to a medical center for examination and x-rays.  Luckily nothing was broken, but I left wearing a neck brace and my left hand was buddy wrapped.

The first week of recovery my body was very sore and stiff.  I had very limited range of motion in my neck, a throbbing pain in my left shoulder blade, compromised use of my left hand; and a strange and aggravating sensation of choking anything something was near my throat.  I could no longer wear my beloved turtlenecks, scarves, button coats or wear close fitting shirts.  The choking sensation was scary and created a sense of panic throughout my entire body.

Fortunately my family doctor suggested massage therapy which I reluctantly accepted having the initial thought that with time I would slowly heal.  Through a referral I scheduled my first session with Dave at Heartworks.  At my first appointment, Dave took the time to learn about my accident, specifics on where and how my body was feeling and provided me an overview of his treatment procedures.

From my first treatment and subsequent ones, I always felt improvement, that I was regaining the compromised areas of my body.  The most marvelous session was when Dave focused on the front of my neck, finally allowing relaxation and the decrease of the choking sensation.

Dave provided a major part of my speedy recovery.  His treatment was always caring, supportive, and beneficial and guided my recovery.  I am so appreciative of Dave and his work.  He made me physically whole again and dealt with the frustrating insurance paperwork on my behalf.

I would strongly recommend that anyone recovering from bodily injury to see his services.

~ Nell Ziegler, DeRuyter, NY

I was in an automobile accident which caused trauma to my back and neck, especially in the sacral iliac area on the left side. I began to do chiropractic work which gradually helped to restore proper alignment to the joints that had been jolted by the car's impact with the guard rail.

I soon added weekly massage treatments with Dave Fisher. I have had "massages" of various kinds from friends, and on an earlier occasion I tried going to a licensed practitioner. In my experience Dave's work is more sophisticated and more comprehensive, therapeutic in the true sense of the word, enabling the bodymind to heal itself.

The massage work took the chiropractic treatments to another level of healing. What I mean is, the massage helped the body to integrate the chiropractic treatments (which are more "structurally assertive"). Massage helped my body move from a response of fear, self-protection, clenching, to one where it could safely open, relax, accept healing touch and begin to open to its own restorative powers. The atmosphere in the massage room is one of "allowing," attention to detail and great care for the well-being, the "whole being" of the client. Dave uses lotions that are not perfumed and I'm sure have helped my skin which was dried out after a long hard winter.

From 10 June 2004:

The massage feels good and the way it relaxes my body, effects my entire nervous system and whole being, feels like much more than the "sum of the parts" (ie, quiet room; warm table; skilled and caring practitioner; etc), though the parts are all so important to the recipe, it feels. Somehow Dave creates a space, and practices an art, that allows this to happen. Yes-- where did the pain go?

I have fibromyalgia and am therefore accustomed to living in a certain amount of pain or discomfort (in addition to that caused by the car accident). During one of Dave's treatment it is common for the pain to simply dissipate. He plays music, during treatments, of a very unique kind-- the sort that carries you to oceanic places or space, and this sound/vibration (through the table) is a remarkable part of the treatment. It takes me as though to a "place" I have been hungry for all my life, and can relax, and allow the mind to settle into what is important now.

From 16 June 2004:

What I realized today, is how this work seems to predicate itself on an assumption of unity of body and mind. I had a lot of fears and anxieties rattling around in my head before attending the treatment. Trust. These feelings dissipated as I seemed to slip into another space, exposing the "bones" of things that really mattered.

~ C. Landis, Syracuse, NY