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Experience the Magic of Therapeutic Sound and Vibration

The massage table used in the treatment room at Heartworks is a custom-made sound therapy table. Four transducers a type of high precision speaker, sometimes called "shakers") are mounted underneath the massage table creating an immersive vibrational experience for your entire body.

Dave develops and composes special musical and psychoacoustic sound recordings that vibrate directly through the table. At Heartworks, we use specially mixed arrangements of these recordings in order to deeply engage the parasympathetic aspect of your autonomic nervous system. You are literally bathed in a very special sound landscape as your body feels the vibrations through the table and your ears listen to the music in the room. The vibrations of the table resonate your own tissues and nervous system on a systemic level. This is the physiological state where your body's natural healing mechanisms are stimulated and activated on a system wide level, while the debilitating stress responsive mechanisms are quieted and disengaged.

The magic under the massage table. Acoustic bass transducers transmit deep vibrations to your body during the massage session.
The Acoustic Therapy Room and Chair. Reclining in a zero-gravity chair with studio quality headphones, experience an immersive session of sound and vibration. Visit the Sound Therapy page to learn more.